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In today’s dynamic networks, network transformation is being forced due to the rapid instantiation of new applications and services to the cloud.  Continuous shifting of traffic flows and loads brings unparalleled challenges to enterprises.  Operators need to respond quickly to changing network conditions, or in a perfect world be proactive and anticipate anomalous conditions.  This brings to the forefront the need for Real-Time Visibility & Analytics to provide and enable Data Driven Actionable Intelligence with Network Automation & Orchestration to drive optimal network performance and deliver enhanced QoE for users and customers.

Our Network Solutions Practice, driven by certified experts deliver scalable and adaptive network solutions that enable the network itself to monitor, diagnose, and mitigate problems before they get out of control. Our solutions allow operators to pinpoint issues and anomalies for quicker mean-time to identify (MTTI) thus improving root-cause analysis and quicker mean-time to repair (MTTR) for critical systems and services. Whether you need support for a new design or would like to optimize your existing network to enable new services, our experts can provide the needed skills to deliver the required results.

ANS is actively engaged in designing and implementing solutions that enable secure communications to the cloud.  The network is the critical element in any enterprise, it must be secure, adaptable and extensible.  Current focus includes solutions centered on Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) which provides more responsive and adaptive resource allocation, granular security controls, and cloud enablement. ANS has partnered with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), to deliver SDN training and further accelerate the adoption of SDN standards, which further accelerates our ability to provide responsive SDN-based networks that are built on open standards.

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