Contract Vehicles

In addition to our GSA schedule, additional contract vehicles available to our clients include:

  • SeaPort-E
  • TESS
  • S3

ANS also has a number of contract vehicles with various DoD clients. Please Contact Us to for more details on the right contract vehicle for organization.


GSA Contract Information Services Group 70 IT Schedule Special Item No.132-51 Information Technology (IT) Professional Services

Contract: GS-35F-0021V. Under the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules program, on-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage, a menu-driven database.

GSA enters into contracts with commercial firms such as ANS to provide services at stated prices given periods of time. ANS has a Schedule 70 (information Technology) contract with the GSA to provide a broad range of services. All authorized government agencies, and state and local government entities can purchase information technology services from ANS. Purchasing services through the GSA Schedule can save time and millions of dollars a year in procurement costs. ANS’ GSA Information Technology Schedule provides a streamlined procurement vehicle to acquire cutting edge information technology, programming, maintenance, telecommunications, and system development services.

The ANS Team is distinguished from our competition due to the caliber of our people, and the breadth and depth of our experience. Our size, experience, and ability to deliver specialized teams and technologies allow us to rapidly respond to our clients’ requirements, while providing them with best-in-class solutions.

For more information on ANS Services under GSA contracting, please contact Karen Tredway, , phone 443-517-1110 x207

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