Understanding the Enterprise threat posture is key to defending and protecting their infrastructure, systems, and business, and is the fundamental foundation of the ANS Cyber Security practice. Building on over fifteen years of providing superior security engineering to our clients, our Cyber Security solutions allows us to leverage the highly-specialized expertise of our personnel across all of our projects.  

As your data and services are moving to the cloud, with the onslaught of IoT, security solutions must be agile enough to adapt your organization against the threats that see this shift as an opportunity. Threats are something our clients face every day.  ANS’ Cyber practice, is driven by certified experts and years of practical experience.

By aligning security controls with organizational goals and needs, ANS has become a trusted advisor to our clients, providing insight into the most secure networking schemes. Our Cyber Security services include Assessments, security product testing and evaluation, security engineering, security infrastructure design, complex infrastructure implementation and management, penetration and vulnerability management, policy development, business continuity planning and implementation, and regulatory compliance.

Allowing you to know the following: WHO, WHAT, WHEN and respond with Detection, Blocking, Containment, Defense, and Analysis. You cannot protect what you cannot see, visualization is the key to understanding what your adversary already knows.

The key to Cyber Defense is the ability to identify, understand and isolate threats that occur in the network. ANS has the integrated solutions to quickly visualize/analyze the threat landscape and respond to evolving threats. Our focus on advanced enterprise engineering allows us to create solutions that let network operators and resource allocation managers identify and isolate threats. By giving cyber defenders the ability to monitor and characterize network performance, we all become safer from attack. At ANS, our holistic focus on cyber solutions provides Real-time traffic visibility with actionable results.

Achieve the Visibility Necessary to Protect Your Enterprise!

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